The celestial musicians are occupied with the production of celestial harmony by the manipulation of the following spirit forces:

1. Spiritual sound--spirit current interruptions.

2. Spiritual light--the control and intensification of the light of the morontia and spiritual realms.

3. Energy impingements--melody produced by the skillful management of the morontia and spirit energies.

4. Color symphonies--melody of morontia color tones; this ranks among the highest accomplishments of the celestial musicians.

5. Harmony of associated spirits--the very arrangement and association of different orders of morontia and spirit beings produce majestic melodies.

6. Melody of thought--the thinking of spiritual thoughts can be so perfected as to burst forth in the melodies of Havona.

7. The music of space--by proper attunement the melodies of other spheres can be picked up on the universe broadcast circuits.

Harmony, the music of the seven levels of melodious association, is the one universal code of spirit communication. Music, such as Urantia mortals understand, attains its highest expression in the schools of Jerusem, the system headquarters, where semimaterial beings are taught the harmonies of sound. Mortals do not react to the other forms of morontia melody and celestial harmony.

Paper 44:1