There are seven groups of the heavenly reproducers, and I will attempt to illustrate their work by the following classification:

1. The singers--harmonists who reiterate the specific harmonies of the past and interpret the melodies of the present. But all of this is effected on the morontia level.

2. The color workers--those artists of light and shade you might call sketchers and painters, artists who preserve passing scenes and transient episodes for future morontia enjoyment.

3. The light picturizers--the makers of the real semispirit-phenomena preservations of which motion pictures would be a very crude illustration.

4. The historic pageanteers--those who dramatically reproduce the crucial events of universe records and history.

5. The prophetic artists--those who project the meanings of history into the future.

6. The life-story tellers--those who perpetuate the meaning and significance of life experience. The projection of present personal experiences into future attainment values.

7. The administrative enactors--those who depict the significance of governmental philosophy and administrative technique, the celestial dramatists of sovereignty.

Paper 44:2