Art Credits:

Artwork for this website is from a variety of books, including:

Boys and Girls Bookshelf, published by University Press, 1912
Illustrations by various artists including:
Margaret Ely Webb
Lucy Fitch Perkins
Blanche Fisher

Our Wonder World, Published by Geo. L. Shuman & Co., 1914
Illustrations by Nellie Littlehale Umbstaetter

St. Nicholas Volume XXVI, 1898-1899 various artists

Various books illustrated by Johnny Gruelle

Little Babs, Illustrations by Arthur Henderson 1919

The Fairy Book, Illustrations by Warwick Goble 1913

Songs with Music - Robert Louis Stevenson, no copyright date - about 1914
Illustrations by Margaret Tarrent

Stories to Tell the Littlest Ones, Illustrations by Willie Pogany 1916

Original art that is presented here is the property of Urantiagarden.