Creator Sons: The creators of the 700,000 local universes. Our Creator Son is Michael of Nebadon.

Divine Spirit: The divine spirit that indwells the mind of man--the Thought Adjuster. This immortal spirit is prepersonal--not a personality, though destined to become a part of the personality of the surviving mortal.

Havona: The eternal central Universe, consisting of one billion worlds, arranged in seven concentric circles. These billion worlds circle Paradise, and the twenty-one sacred spheres.

Jerusem: The headquarters of our local system of Satania.

Lanonandek Sons:Angels of a high order. They function as system sovereigns. Lucifer and Satan were Lanonandeks.

Life Carriers: Life does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to plans formulated by the (unrevealed) Architects of Being and appears on the inhabited planets either by direct importation or as a result of the operations of the Life Carriers of the local universes. The Life Carriers are the offspring of three pre-existent personalities: the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit, and, by designation, one of the three Ancients of Days presiding over the destinies of the superuniverse concerned.

Local Universe Sons of God: Descending orders of sonship, includes personalities who are of direct and divine creation.

Lucifer: A Lanonandek Son who rebelled against God. Before his fall, he was Sovereign of our local system of Satania.

Melchizedeks: The highest of the four orders of the Local Universe Sons of God.

Nebadon: Our local universe.

Orvonton: One of the seven superuniverses of time and space circling the Paradise-Havona system.

Paradise: The abode of the Universal Father.

Salvington: The capital of Nebadon, your local universe, is surrounded by ten university clusters of forty-nine spheres each.

Satania: Our local system of over six hundred inhabited worlds. Satania's capital is Jerusem.

System Sovereign: The chief executive of a local system of inhabited worlds.

Thought Adjusters: The divine spirit, the name of the part of God that is within us, the 'still, small voice'. It is also known as the Adjuster, Father Fragment, Monitor, or Mystery Monitor.

Universe Mother Spirit: The individualized Creative Spirit helper of the Creator Son.

Urantia: The name given to our world.

Uversa: The capital of Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse.